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We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

Will MacCallum has been an advisor to environmental clubs, a financial supporter of environmental and conservation organizations, and has been actively working on reducing his own family's ecological footprint since the 1980s. He has been life coaching since 2005.

"I decided to narrow my coaching focus recently and become the Green Coach.  I found that I was feeling more rewarded from helping friends think of ways to save money while helping the environment, than I was from helping people generally improve their lives.  Being the Green Coach allows me to help people not only with the quality of their lives, but with their finances too.  And we're helping the planet at the same time." - Will MacCallum

Will's coaching certification was earned through Coach Training Alliance. Will's coaching expertise is derived from 25 years experience in the field of education as a teacher, program consultant and faculty of education instructor. He earned a Master of Education degree in Math, Science and Technology  Curriculum from Queen's University in Kingston, Canada (1996). His thesis on helping people become better problem solvers won the award for best master's thesis of the year.

Will's top character strengths:

1. Perspective & Wisdom (98th percentile)

2. Judgment, Critical Thinking & Open-mindedness (97th percentile)

3. Fairness, Equity and Justice (86th percentile)

4. Love of Learning (86th percentile)

5. Curiosity and Interest in the World (83rd percentile)

* From Dr. Martin Seligman's Authentic Happiness Website.

  "Leaving projects unfinished used to be a constant problem for me. Will's patient and friendly manner put me immediately at ease as he helped me focus on what was truly important, and put it first. With his guidance and practical advice, I was off and running with a significant writing project. When difficult patches came along, he steered me through them. Success in that project empowered me for several others. I didn't think I needed any help, but looking back, I see that the only way I got my projects done was through his positive influence. If you have anything you want to change or improve in your life, I highly recommend him as a life coach."

 - Ian Bell Ph.D., Waterloo, Ontario

"For me, it only took one hour of a one-on-one discussion with Will to alter a long-ingrained habit. That's the persuasive power he has. His absolute attention, and doggedness kept me on track. Also, his insightful commentary and relaxed questioning led me to see a solution. This habit of mine had been hampering me in my work, so thank you, Will, for freeing me and moving me forward. Oddly, I now feel it was all my own doing, so am feeling good about myself, as well."

- Joanne Doucet, Sudbury, Ontario